Circles appear…

After our four day Solstice Ceremony, a mysterious circle appeared in the middle of the Harmony Medicine Wheel. We did a wonderful ceremony there on the day after the Solstice, but did not scrape or move this snow, or even walk in this area. It just melted this way, in a perfect circle. I had been feeling for some time that this Medicine Wheel wanted a small fire pit. Independently, Andy Claypool (of Elevate Mind Body Peace), one of the spiritual caretakers of the property, said that during that meditation, he also got the notion (received the message?) that the Medicine Wheel wanted a small fire pit.

ImageAnd so, the Hoop of Life appears in the center of the wheel, directing us where to put it. The stones are gathering themselves, with a little help from us, and soon, perhaps by the next full moon on Jan. 26, we will have a small fire there, to honor the Grandmother and Divine Feminine.