Farming Harmony

Cultivating harmony in the rhythmic cycles of life, with a pinch of melody, and a whole loto’ timbre, amongst the timber & prairie grasses.

In November, 2011, I became the caretaker of 70 acres in the heart of the heartland, near Perry and Lecompton, Kansas. I have long wanted to live in the country and now, that dream is  a reality. Ironically, it was a year in Rome, living closely with 50-100 other people at the American Academy, that my reasons for wanting to live in the country shifted away from escapist hermitage, and towards community. So I have spent the last 5 years finding a balance between my personal relationship on the land, and offering up public access to it.

The vision for Harmony Farm is simple: create a place that celebrates Mother Earth, and where others can come and be in solitude and communion with her. My mission is clear: to make music to Mother Earth and to share that with others. Whether walking the land alone, guiding others here, maintaining the multiple ceremonial spaces, or singing to the land, she gives what each person needs when the visit. And so, as I continue to explore this magical 70 acres (feels like my own little state park!), I invite you to stay tuned, and in touch for what She tells me is needed for myself, for Her, and for you if you find yourself here!

May all who walk here be at peace and cultivate harmony.”

These spaces are open for you to visit!

Dancing Lady Dragonfly Labyrinth as seen from Google Earth!
Harmony Medicine Wheel
Archway Portal

Visit here for more information about access and visiting!

Dual Spirit Medicine Wheel for Holding Space

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