A new song

I’ve been gone for over a year…at least from the blogosphere. Well… I’ve actually been gone from much of life too. Things have been getting done in the most basic ways…but that’s a long story for a different time. During Halloween night 2014, in the darkest of places, I found myself wandering my land snapping photos. I’ve seen many orbs here, but new groups appeared and seemed to be upping the ante. I heard them saying: “you are not alone–we are here with you!” It was a life-line of mystery and wonder, and my heart began to sing again. And so, I decided to stay, and commit to this life.

with pixies


The Spring thaw this year was the sweetest I have ever experienced, and its message clear: “you are the stars–we are not separate from you.” Slowly the magic of life has returned and my Qi flows again generously. I am enjoying playing with new energies manifesting on Harmony Farm, and within my body, mind and spirit. I am learning to fully incarnate in THIS body and in the present.

There is a song singing in the night time sky, and it is a song that resonates sympathetically deep in my bones. Life has become my instrument, and I’m learning how to play it better every moment of every day!

Looking on

Looking on

It’s good to be home!


Orbs orBees

I’ve been posting a lot of photos of orbs lately on Facebook. It all started on the full moon a few days ago, when I snapped this photo (I was facing away from the moon…):



I’ve seen a lot of orb photos…but i’ve never seen one this big. There are those who believe they are beings from another dimension, showing themselves in our time of need. There are others who have explained them as refraction of dust particles or other photographic anomalies based on technological imperfections. I have even seen them while focusing on dust particles on my glasses up close.

But here’s the thing that keeps it mysterious for me. My first digital camera, never showed a single one of these spots until one night I went for a walk, and asked if I could take some photographs of orbs.  Sure enough… my  photos had many of these round “worlds” in them. I even set up a rapid sequence of exposures that captured one moving through the frame as I laid on my bed.

And so, when I was out walking a few nights ago…I asked as I approached my “Lodge to the Ancestors” if the Spirits would mind if I took their picture…and shazam!…the grand-daddy orb guardian of the sacred space  showed himself. I also did the same thing at my bee hive: they have visitors too!

DSC00372In all honesty…I don’t really care if they are real or not…I get to decide what is real anyway… When things show up in my photos that aren’t there initially, after I ask if I can photograph them…then I feel a sentience at work. AND I also know that light shining through dust on my glasses look like these orbs too. That explanation does not minimize may amazement at what I am seeing and experience.

Behind every truth is often an equally valid and powerful opposite truth. And if those opposite truths help to keep me fascinated by life, than I’m all for both!



orb fiesta
Taken in California while playing with a dog.


Soup and Seeds

It’s fitting that under this full harvest moon, I made some soup that looks a lot like a blood moon, complete with yin/yang pattern supplied by synchronicity. About half of the ingredients were from the garden; and those are words I’ve never said in all my 50 years! I’m ripe for new experiences, and this is a wonderful one: making food from a garden planted by a community of people in sacred space back in June.

Powered by orange, I built a seed temple in my basement. These seeds are sacred little children, waiting to be placed in the Mother to burst forth in playful abundance when their time has come. But for now, they wait, growing in potential and energy. As I drummed and sang, the Ancestors and Star People came in to this little temple. I could feel them in my body from head to toe. They were having a party: celebrating that another human is making a connection with the Mother in deeper way.

Seed Temple

Everything I did in there, I did as ceremony, and it is quite a special place. There is powerful feminine and Grandmother energy in there.  So, if anyone wants to swap or share seeds, or say a prayer for them, they will be there waiting patiently as all seeds do, for the perfect time to come to life and change everything.



I sat in the Fairie Portal after hanging two houses from friends Erika Eckert and Bram and Doug Schaefer and Gretchen Krivoshia. A coyote came in to sniff around, within 15 feet of me. Never saw me…

Three Fairie Condos

Then I walked up towards the prairie and saw this lemniscate right on the path.

When I got the open prairie, War Paint, the sole remaining horse on the property, looked towards me, hesitated a bit, and then pranced by me about 5 feet away, as if he could feel a presence, but did not actually see me. I thought it very strange 🙂

It appears…or disappears…that my practice of fox medicine (invisibility) is going well!

Off to ride my motorcycle, so off with the fox medicine!

Happy Equinox to you all and I hope that this day is bringing you the gorgeousness it has brought here to Harmony Farm!


Banging it’s head against the glass

Male cardinals, as beautiful as they are, are experts at jousting at windmills…or in this case glass doors…

This guy woke me at 7 AM. I have been wanting to shift my sleeping patterns to get up earlier in the morning, get outside to work, and beat the heat. And so, on day one…he was my alarm.

I worked for a couple of hours on the fire pit approach, which turned out to be in the shape of the tobacco sign given by the wind when my brother and I were building it (please see my previous blog). The fire pit area is a closed circle, and the approach is an open circle leading into the inner circle. So, I laid out both circles, collected paving stones from the creek, and began the pathway. After taking another look at the tobacco symbol (which i’m including below again for your reference), I realized that it was even oriented in the bottom of the hole, in the correct direction in which the path is to be laid out . The approach is from the southwest, and curles around to enter the fire pit from slightly northeast, just as the tobacco was laying in the bottom of the fire pit. I’ve come to embrace the notion that there are no accidents…only instructions!

This symbol is oriented towards the East.
The approach from the East looking West.

As for Mr. Cardinal, I thank him for his waking of me, and for his majestic color…his reminder to be persistent, to check in with my body, mind and spirit, and to also check in with those around me. He is persistent, tenacious and regal indeed. He also provided a reminder that no King is an island, nor the smartest in the realm, which is why he surrounds himself with magicians, scholars and philosophers…and mothers who love to clean windows!).

Sporting galaxies…

My friend David Yarrow found this wonderful guy in broad daylight. He’s sporting a bad wing…looks like he actually caught the flame…but he is also wearing two galaxies. Those eyes look to me like the marbles that the aliens were playing with at the end of Men in Black, one of my favorite movies. Every day at Harmony Farm there is some new beauty like this that shows itself. It feels like infinity…like those two galaxies.