A new song

I’ve been gone for over a year…at least from the blogosphere. Well… I’ve actually been gone from much of life too. Things have been getting done in the most basic ways…but that’s a long story for a different time. During Halloween night 2014, in the darkest of places, I found myself wandering my land snapping photos. I’ve seen many orbs here, but new groups appeared and seemed to be upping the ante. I heard them saying: “you are not alone–we are here with you!” It was a life-line of mystery and wonder, and my heart began to sing again. And so, I decided to stay, and commit to this life.

with pixies


The Spring thaw this year was the sweetest I have ever experienced, and its message clear: “you are the stars–we are not separate from you.” Slowly the magic of life has returned and my Qi flows again generously. I am enjoying playing with new energies manifesting on Harmony Farm, and within my body, mind and spirit. I am learning to fully incarnate in THIS body and in the present.

There is a song singing in the night time sky, and it is a song that resonates sympathetically deep in my bones. Life has become my instrument, and I’m learning how to play it better every moment of every day!

Looking on

Looking on

It’s good to be home!


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