Orbs orBees

I’ve been posting a lot of photos of orbs lately on Facebook. It all started on the full moon a few days ago, when I snapped this photo (I was facing away from the moon…):



I’ve seen a lot of orb photos…but i’ve never seen one this big. There are those who believe they are beings from another dimension, showing themselves in our time of need. There are others who have explained them as refraction of dust particles or other photographic anomalies based on technological imperfections. I have even seen them while focusing on dust particles on my glasses up close.

But here’s the thing that keeps it mysterious for me. My first digital camera, never showed a single one of these spots until one night I went for a walk, and asked if I could take some photographs of orbs.  Sure enough… my  photos had many of these round “worlds” in them. I even set up a rapid sequence of exposures that captured one moving through the frame as I laid on my bed.

And so, when I was out walking a few nights ago…I asked as I approached my “Lodge to the Ancestors” if the Spirits would mind if I took their picture…and shazam!…the grand-daddy orb guardian of the sacred space  showed himself. I also did the same thing at my bee hive: they have visitors too!

DSC00372In all honesty…I don’t really care if they are real or not…I get to decide what is real anyway… When things show up in my photos that aren’t there initially, after I ask if I can photograph them…then I feel a sentience at work. AND I also know that light shining through dust on my glasses look like these orbs too. That explanation does not minimize may amazement at what I am seeing and experience.

Behind every truth is often an equally valid and powerful opposite truth. And if those opposite truths help to keep me fascinated by life, than I’m all for both!



orb fiesta
Taken in California while playing with a dog.



Like fire remembers wood…

Nelson Mandela taught me that ideas are immortal, and that those involving the good of others are the highest form of life: as the trees in the forest give in equal measure as they receive. He taught me that loving my enemy is not an abstract theoretical idea. He taught me that peace is indeed an inner space, separate from what goes on around me. He taught me that how I react to things is my choice, and those choices determine my outcomes. He taught me that it is possible to live the ideals I uphold: those taught by Buddha, Jesus, and all the other bodhisattvas who have come…who are here… to helping us into a new space of grace and compassion. Nelson Mandela taught me to be kind, to be full of care, to be able to respond in the face of adversity, to be without loosing. Nelson Mandela taught me that idealism is realism, but only when witnessed through living. Nelson Mandela taught me that the crucible brings temperance, that fire purifies and strengthens, and that adversity is education. He taught me how to yield to something higher without loosing self.  Nelson Mandela taught me, and tonight is immortal…like fire remembers wood.