Two years in a nut shell

Two years ago, after returning from Rome, I signed on the bottom line and became the caretaker of this land. I found her online while in Rome. The realtor replied to my initial inquiry on the Spring Equinox of 2011-and that was a good indicator of how things would fall into place for me to move here. I visited every week in Sept that year, to walk the property, and on November 8th, I took the plunge. I got to know her first in the winter, and will always have a fondness for that season here. The woods are so lonesome-perfect company for an introverted recluse. I am a kid again, playing in the woods in Ohio, where I lived from age 7-13. It is as if everything I ever did on this 50 year journey leading here counts: music, carpentry, counseling, teaching, mountain climbing, amateur botany, hard work, hard play, and the list goes on.  I have felt at home here since the first time I walked the land, and I am grateful she has accepted me.

My friend Tracy captured my feelings about being here really well…and that smile keeps growing!

Happy and in Harmony
Happy and in Harmony

5 thoughts on “Two years in a nut shell

  1. Hello Paul, Enjoy reading your blog posts. Had some time this morning, visited your website for the first time, and chose “Death’s thin melody” to listen to. I was mesmerized. By trade I am a Medium (ability to connect the dead with the living), having transitioned from careers related to my MS in Law Enforcement & Justice Admin. Daily I post on Facebook for clients, and aim at providing thought-provoking material. Generally I find FB to be a scourge, but use it for business only. I’d like to post a link to “Death’s thin melody,” on it if you’ll allow. And if you’d like to make any (short short) statement to accompany it, I would be glad to post it. I may be found there at

    On a related note, I know that earlier this year film rights were sold for Eben Alexander III, MD’s book, “Proof of Heaven”, a chronicle of his near-death experience. Listening to this piece transported me to a scene from the book regarding his actual trip/journey/ride to the Other Side. (As a side note: Eben’s words and experiences as recorded in the book, as well as related in-person is the sole descriptive from a living human being that coincide with what I actually have ‘seen’ concerning the journey after the soul leaves the body). Music is very important to Eben, as he and Marvin Hamlisch were close friends. Marvin encouraged him to publish the book weeks before his passing. Couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a connection between you and that film score. Don’t know enough about you to know if you’re into doing film scores.

    Regardless, thank you for sharing about your Farm – being a native rural Iowan (transplanted to KCMO), I find myself in the woods of my childhood and adolescents when reading your words. Bless your heart for sharing, Traci Bray Traci Bray, BS/MA – Medium Kansas City, Missouri 913.940.0754

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for you note and I’m delighted that you connected to my music. I have had lots of feedback from OBE’s to transportations and one person who was on their way towards death, but “brought back” said some of my music sounded exactly like that experience.

      I’d be delighted if you want to post Death’s thin melody on FB!

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