7 Generations

So, in the lee of having to cut down living trees to extract my tractor…yesterday, I planted 8 hedge balls (Osage Orange) in the Harmony Medicine Wheel. My friend Christopher Spiritheart gave me the idea of using Osage Orange for building open air lodges, and even planting them intentionally to cultivate a growing lodge. They grow in such natural curvaceous half circles, so are perfectly suited for such a thing. I’ve been thinking of planting some living fences with the gnarly rose bushes that grow here (careful not to get caught…it can be as hard to get extracted as a tractor wedged around a tree…), and this idea fits right in! So, I planted these hedge balls, given from a tree that faces my upper “Medicine Bow” (a new ceremonial space i’m working on up on the open prairie…but more on that later), amongst the circle of living trees that already mark the current Medicine Wheel. This lodge will come to fruition in a few generations, and is intended to be around for at least 7. Someone else will have to see it to fruition. I plan to live 177, but that still won’t see this to its full blossoming around the open air Sipapu that’s already there. It’s time for making more of these 7 Generation decisions, and I’m all in.



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