Forest forgiveness

The forest is very forgiving. She knows that I am learning, and sometimes make mistakes. Yesterday, I wrapped my tractor around a tree. With the mud…and trying to get out of a jam, I  got the tractor in a position, against a beautiful 18′ sycamore tree, and I literally couldn’t budge an inch forward or backwards. So…I had to cut three trees down to get Johnny out. I blessed the trees, thanked them for all they have brought to the forest, and assured them that the ending of their lives was not in vain. They will heat my house next winter and keep me, and all those who come here warm. Their upper branches will go back to the beginning of the circle of life, and give to the young trees that are just making their starts. So, the circle of life continues here as every day, something lives on Harmony Farm, and something dies. And forest begins to go to sleep for winter.

I our giving to each other, the Forest and I are learning to live together in peace and harmony, even when things do not go as planned.

Spirit catcher doorway
This Osage Orange tree was falling, and removing it opened up the way for spirits to enter the Harmony Medicine Wheel. She gave of herself in a good way.

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