Deepening relationship

It has been long since I have blogged about Harmony Farm. One simple phrase, however, describes what has been going on here: deepening relationship. At the end of September, I found myself finally totally alone here for the first time since I became its caretaker in November of 2011. This brought with it a deep need to fully occupy the here and now, and be with the land.  I have been clearing Serpent Creek of downed trees and debris, adding refinements and design objects to both the Sacred Fire Medicine Wheel to the East of the house, and to the Harmony Medicine Wheel, and storing firewood, which keeps me warm now during the cold Winter months. All of this preparation culminated in a 4 day ceremony around the Solstice. A few others have emerged as Spiritual Caretakers of this sacred land, and so Lana, Andy, Rebecca and I lit the ceremonial fire on Thursday, December 20,  at sunset ,and kept it burning until 8 AM Monday December 24. Throughout the four days, people came and went during organized events, or just to be together. We sang the sun up each day and whispered it down. It was a beautiful interaction with this place for all who participated, and for some where were not here physically, but checked in through the ether. I was alone for the last six hours of fire tending on a very cold Monday morning, and I can not imagine a more perfect way to close the ceremonial fire: in solitude on the heels of community building. I had the best of both worlds and for days after, I felt Elders and Ancestors standing around that fire pit, continuing to hold space for all the releasing and receiving that flowed during our Ceremony together.

For me personally, the ceremony began at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, where I performed in circle with an audience of around 100, to open up space for this long heralded time from many prophecies. It was no coincidence that the night of this performance, December 14,t was a new moon. 14 days later, at the full moon, my personal ceremonial period ended on the Full Moon, with a small hand full of people at the Harmony Medicine Wheel, drinking in the fullness of the Grandmother, and bathing in her cool silver light. On this night, and the days leading up to it, a palpable, peaceful, and deeply contented calm set into the land. It was as if we had tucked her in for the night. She has asked for silence until Spring Equinox, and so I honor that, and the chain saw is silent here.

Full Moon Circle



3 thoughts on “Deepening relationship

  1. I am grateful to read this beautiful account of the sacred work of deepening relationship that you’ve been doing at Harmony, Paul. I can feel the energies just as you describe them. I love that you kept a sacred fire lit for four days, too. As one of those who connected “through the ether,” I thank you for sharing your experience. Blessings on your new year! xo

  2. Dear Paul, I love hearing from you and hearing about your soul nourishing rituals and community building activities. You are very special and I cherish your words. It was great to hear more about you from Stephanie when she was nearby. I wish you all good things in the coming year. Love, Rachel

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