Soup and Seeds

It’s fitting that under this full harvest moon, I made some soup that looks a lot like a blood moon, complete with yin/yang pattern supplied by synchronicity. About half of the ingredients were from the garden; and those are words I’ve never said in all my 50 years! I’m ripe for new experiences, and this is a wonderful one: making food from a garden planted by a community of people in sacred space back in June.

Powered by orange, I built a seed temple in my basement. These seeds are sacred little children, waiting to be placed in the Mother to burst forth in playful abundance when their time has come. But for now, they wait, growing in potential and energy. As I drummed and sang, the Ancestors and Star People came in to this little temple. I could feel them in my body from head to toe. They were having a party: celebrating that another human is making a connection with the Mother in deeper way.

Seed Temple

Everything I did in there, I did as ceremony, and it is quite a special place. There is powerful feminine and Grandmother energy in there.  So, if anyone wants to swap or share seeds, or say a prayer for them, they will be there waiting patiently as all seeds do, for the perfect time to come to life and change everything.



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