Mother’s calling

In Taos, there is a thing called the Taos hum. I have heard some explanations, everything from “it’s military traffic in the network of tunnels that weave all under northern New Mexico,” to  it being the resonance of the crystal core at the center of Taos Mountain: a sacred place of the Taos Pueblo Indians. I heard the hum there on numerous occasions, but never had the chance to determine what note it is. Perhaps it is different for each person, or on each day, or time of the year. Perhaps it is the Schumann Resonance, which is caused by standing waves between the Earth and Her atmosphere. It is 7.8 Hz (a slightly sharp B, and rising by some accounts). There are also harmonics above this “fundamental” which, interestingly enough, for those music geeks out there, are NOT harmonically related (i.e. whole number ratios), but rather are inharmonically related (the series is: 14, 20, 33 and 45 Hz).

What is interesting to me, is how these resonances are created: by lightening strikes. So, Zeus is literally playing the space between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere with thunderbolts! I’m sure someone who knows a lot more than me can make some connections to Greek Cosmology here, but that would be beside my point, which is that the body of the Earth is vibrating, like a base drum, and I have started to hear it now on a regular basis at Harmony Farm. Deep breath…

I do not think of these sounds, the ones that are present in my inner space during quiet time, as disorders-even when the high ringing ones happen. I choose to view them, rather, as momentary awarenesses of other dimensions, or aspects of this 3rd dimension that I have previously bracketed out. It is as John Cage encouraged: if I ignore them, they drive me crazy. But if I listen to them, and even ask who is there trying to communicate, perhaps I will go deeper into this experience called life in the 3rd dimension, and the mists of illusion begin to fade-replaced by glimpses of a different, perhaps deeper potential.

There is fascinating research on these Schumann resonances, and how they might be interacting with our alpha brain waves, but that only makes sense. We are interacting vibrationally with everything around us all the time. So, I’m dancing to the tune of a different drummer again, and this time, not actually sure who that drummer may be. But… I like the beat!


2 thoughts on “Mother’s calling

  1. I have used the sounds (high ringing) as a focal point for mediation. The music changes however, I have a wide variety of tones (playing) I also get a sound periodically that sounds very much like crickets. I also at times hear a low hum it feels almost like standing by a base drum, but more continuous. The sounds bothered me for years and then one day focusing on breath, I had the inspiration to instead focus on the ringing…It really has changed my perspective on what I am hearing.

    1. Greg! That’s wonderful! Listen, rather than resist, and everything changes! I hear the low hum too. I first heard it in Taos, NM where the Mountain is famous for speaking to those listening with clarity. I hear it around Lawrence to, especially out at my place. Perhaps it is the stone people speaking so we can hear and understand 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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