I sat in the Fairie Portal after hanging two houses from friends Erika Eckert and Bram and Doug Schaefer and Gretchen Krivoshia. A coyote came in to sniff around, within 15 feet of me. Never saw me…

Three Fairie Condos

Then I walked up towards the prairie and saw this lemniscate right on the path.

When I got the open prairie, War Paint, the sole remaining horse on the property, looked towards me, hesitated a bit, and then pranced by me about 5 feet away, as if he could feel a presence, but did not actually see me. I thought it very strange 🙂

It appears…or disappears…that my practice of fox medicine (invisibility) is going well!

Off to ride my motorcycle, so off with the fox medicine!

Happy Equinox to you all and I hope that this day is bringing you the gorgeousness it has brought here to Harmony Farm!



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