Another invitation answered…

I was building a new growing bed, at the edge of my forest near the chicken coop today. This bed is for the squash and melon seeds i’m saving. It will be a home for the special seeds that I got from my first squash grown from the seeds given to me by Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. These are special seeds, and they need a special place to be, with lots of room to spread out. So I’m starting early to give it to them!

I figure there are close to 400 seeds from this one squash! So, I was clearing weeds to build a bed that ended up being about 50 feet long, and was going to chop more weeds for green bio-mass for the bottom of the beds. I paused for a moment to wipe sweat from my face, and that’s when I heard it…it was unmistakeable, and a wonderful greeting. There were hundreds of bees swarming amongst these weeds, eating the nectar. I did not see them for a while, but just enjoyed their swarming sounds, and then I started to see their lithe bodies bobbing in and out of the plants. Playing in the swaying stalks as if it were a country dance.

It was back in March, or maybe April, that I asked the bees to come. And today, they came. I am so grateful to have heard their call, before I chopped their sweetness down. They reminded me of two things: to ask for what I need, and to stop and pay attention to the abundance already given. Along with that attention comes an awareness of what all is out here in this beautiful natural world, that gets along and supports each other in the pursuit of life.

I asked for bees, and today they came.

Squash from the garden. Seeds for next year and yummy on the table now!

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