Thank you father sky

My rain gage, for the first time in months, is topping an inch. The plants are breathing a sigh of relief, maybe even dancing, and there is mud at Harmony Farm again. It has been brutal this summer, but as August rolled in, the heat rolled out. I spent a day riding my other Harmony (Yamaha FJR) home from Taos last week, and the high temperature all day was 82. This is as unheard of in Kansas in August as 103 was in June. I was grateful!

This lovely lady went from skinny, to plump and back to skinny in that time.

I hope her family thrives and eats lots of bugs in my garden! I know life will not speed up to Spring proportions, but the plants are moving again, and the squash seeds that I was granted by Grandmother Flordemayo are popping big, bulbous and wonderful squash. Soon I will be able to eat these ancient strains of goodness.

Thank you Father Sky. The plants, animals, insects and I are all grateful for your heart opening and water!


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