Banging it’s head against the glass

Male cardinals, as beautiful as they are, are experts at jousting at windmills…or in this case glass doors…

This guy woke me at 7 AM. I have been wanting to shift my sleeping patterns to get up earlier in the morning, get outside to work, and beat the heat. And so, on day one…he was my alarm.

I worked for a couple of hours on the fire pit approach, which turned out to be in the shape of the tobacco sign given by the wind when my brother and I were building it (please see my previous blog). The fire pit area is a closed circle, and the approach is an open circle leading into the inner circle. So, I laid out both circles, collected paving stones from the creek, and began the pathway. After taking another look at the tobacco symbol (which i’m including below again for your reference), I realized that it was even oriented in the bottom of the hole, in the correct direction in which the path is to be laid out . The approach is from the southwest, and curles around to enter the fire pit from slightly northeast, just as the tobacco was laying in the bottom of the fire pit. I’ve come to embrace the notion that there are no accidents…only instructions!

This symbol is oriented towards the East.
The approach from the East looking West.

As for Mr. Cardinal, I thank him for his waking of me, and for his majestic color…his reminder to be persistent, to check in with my body, mind and spirit, and to also check in with those around me. He is persistent, tenacious and regal indeed. He also provided a reminder that no King is an island, nor the smartest in the realm, which is why he surrounds himself with magicians, scholars and philosophers…and mothers who love to clean windows!).


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