When two worlds collide…

it doesn’t always have to mean death and destruction. Ever since I have moved out to Harmony Farm, I have been hearing mice scurrying all over the place. I have asked them to stay outside, but still, daily i clean up the mess they have made from the compost bowl (OK…that’s partly my fault for not having it covered, a problem I rectified today…), and I have even seen them running across the counter and into the stove. I did hear a lot of activity in the stove one day, and couldn’t get the top open to investigate, so I turned the oven on to 500 and let it roast for a couple of hours. That might have been death and destruction…but I won’t know until I get the top open…

But I digress. Thanks to the ingenuity of David Yarrow, I got a new mouse trap today that helps me relocate the mice without killing them. I relies on a simple mechanism: food. A mouse is totally motivated by his stomach (not to different from me…), and so, thanks to Target, I can take full advantage of that motivation for my “human mouse relocation project”  (HMRP)

And, i’m happy to say it’s working after only a few hours.

If he could communicate with his friends, still in my house, he would shout: “DON’T EAT THE ALMOND BUTTER! IT’S A TRAP” but, alas, he is now running loose out in the field at the end of my driveway, and I doubt his voice would carry that far. I wanted to take him up into the trees for safe cover, but it is late, and dark. I did tell him I loved him, but that it was time for him to live outside, and asked him not to come back.

My next task: to develop something like this for ticks!

Not holding my breath on that one…


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