Life Persists

The wild flowers are in full swing at Harmony Farm. They come with a single message to me: life persists. Maybe even: life insists! It occurs to me that each and every one of these little beauties grows with effortless ease, without thought and without morality. I can walk carefully around them, but the horse following me may trample them down without a thought or care. There is wisdom here, but not the kind bourn of thought. In fact, it is the wisdom of action WITHOUT thought. But it all strikes me as very playful…dancelike…with endless counterpoint: line upon line of choreographed improvisation.


Some with frilly dresses…


others like a cabbage patch kid…


And what would the prairie be without jumping jacks!

There is joy in watching this play for me. There is a story-less narrative that goes back thousands of years here, till once upon a time this was an ancient sea floor, and then back further. The snails seem to be a reminder of that, as they truck through the mud and wet branches during the rain. Life persists, but it always shape-shifts into something new, something more adapted…more poetic than what came before. Persistence can be graceful. The evidence is everywhere in this place where there is room for everyone.


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