Face to face

A number of years ago i was sitting on the beach at Point Reyes National Seashore in California, watching the harbor seals bob up and down, and a skunk just walked right up to us. He looked at us for a bit and then walked on. There was no smell at all.

Again, last night, I came face to face with a young skunk while walking in the moonlight. I saw this dark object in the shadows, and shined my flashlight, and it was a baby skunk. He was so cute, and i could not smell him at all. He looked at me and then turned around and ran, not out of fear, but out of having accomplished his mission. And what was his mission, you might ask? To simply show himself to me, and by so doing, remind me to show my true colors and to be myself no matter what happens in life. Also part of the message is to respect: myself, and others. Respect begets respect. Skunks get a lot of it, because every possible predator knows what happens if they mess with a skunk. They are also a balance of yin and yang with their black and white colors, and in this balance lies their true power that requires only one simple teaching tool: “mess with me, and you will regret it.” Seldom are they messed with. Often are they respected.

I am grateful for skunk along to the way to remind me to follow my own path regardless of what others think, and in so honoring myself and my path, others honor it too.


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