Life is havin’ a party!

As David Yarrow said today, “Mother Nature is having a party,” as he referred to all the flowering plants. Bees, butterflies hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, dragonflies, and us, were all in attendance at the party. There was even a newcomer, who I hadn’t seen before. He was a little late, but late is better than never, and since he carries his house with him…it doesn’t really matter when he gets anywhere…

This time with organic and permaculture expert David Yarrow has been a real learning experience. And we’ve been working! In addition to finishing a composition this week, continuing work on the basement so I can move the rest of my stuff from Kansas City, and cooking amazing new kinds of super nutrient rich foods, we’ve been building lasagna beds. When I first heard of these, I thought: “cool!…I wont have to spend hours layering all those ingredients and then baking!” But, alas…i’m not going to be able to grow lasagna after all. These beds are thin layer upon thin layer of raw ingredients from grass clippings to manure, and straw to biochar. These puppies will be ready to plant in no time,  a year ahead of schedule! So much for planning, but along with Mr. T-tle, i’m happy just to go with the flow and do whatever seems like the next thing to do.

Oh, and I moved all three of those stepping stones from out in the woods or along the east fenceline. All of them were either lose on the ground, or actually sticking up, and were practically asking to be brought down to the garden. The heaviest one behaved by balancing and holding still while I moved him the furthest of any. He is really happy there now, as the anchor for the whole garden!

Harmony is demanding, but she is also generous with her gifts. The first of the fruits was deliciously prepared by Tracy Rasmussen). It didn’t last long…





















All in all, things are changing wonderfully at Harmony Farm, and this work is amazingly satisfying gratitudifying!



Sporting galaxies…

My friend David Yarrow found this wonderful guy in broad daylight. He’s sporting a bad wing…looks like he actually caught the flame…but he is also wearing two galaxies. Those eyes look to me like the marbles that the aliens were playing with at the end of Men in Black, one of my favorite movies. Every day at Harmony Farm there is some new beauty like this that shows itself. It feels like infinity…like those two galaxies.

Life Persists

The wild flowers are in full swing at Harmony Farm. They come with a single message to me: life persists. Maybe even: life insists! It occurs to me that each and every one of these little beauties grows with effortless ease, without thought and without morality. I can walk carefully around them, but the horse following me may trample them down without a thought or care. There is wisdom here, but not the kind bourn of thought. In fact, it is the wisdom of action WITHOUT thought. But it all strikes me as very playful…dancelike…with endless counterpoint: line upon line of choreographed improvisation.


Some with frilly dresses…


others like a cabbage patch kid…


And what would the prairie be without jumping jacks!

There is joy in watching this play for me. There is a story-less narrative that goes back thousands of years here, till once upon a time this was an ancient sea floor, and then back further. The snails seem to be a reminder of that, as they truck through the mud and wet branches during the rain. Life persists, but it always shape-shifts into something new, something more adapted…more poetic than what came before. Persistence can be graceful. The evidence is everywhere in this place where there is room for everyone.

Face to face

A number of years ago i was sitting on the beach at Point Reyes National Seashore in California, watching the harbor seals bob up and down, and a skunk just walked right up to us. He looked at us for a bit and then walked on. There was no smell at all.

Again, last night, I came face to face with a young skunk while walking in the moonlight. I saw this dark object in the shadows, and shined my flashlight, and it was a baby skunk. He was so cute, and i could not smell him at all. He looked at me and then turned around and ran, not out of fear, but out of having accomplished his mission. And what was his mission, you might ask? To simply show himself to me, and by so doing, remind me to show my true colors and to be myself no matter what happens in life. Also part of the message is to respect: myself, and others. Respect begets respect. Skunks get a lot of it, because every possible predator knows what happens if they mess with a skunk. They are also a balance of yin and yang with their black and white colors, and in this balance lies their true power that requires only one simple teaching tool: “mess with me, and you will regret it.” Seldom are they messed with. Often are they respected.

I am grateful for skunk along to the way to remind me to follow my own path regardless of what others think, and in so honoring myself and my path, others honor it too.