Life is bursting forth

There are violets blooming in the woods and the cruciferae are pushing out of last year’s grass up on the hill. Fireflies are spotting the edge of the trees, and grasshoppers are here too. It is still cooling down at night, so the house gets warm late in the day, but I am grateful for the coolness in the morning!

I am focusing my energy on being grateful for this time, rather than fearful about how this year is different from many that we have known. Earth changes are palpable and inevitable. I think SHE knows what she is doing though, and that it is us that are clueless. I’m working on that cluelessness. I’m learning and she is a good teacher. Observation is the best classroom for learning the language of Mother Earth and of Nature.

The trees feel happy to me. The birds are singing at the top of there lungs. My favorite is the Cardinal who I often here singing “Rudy Rudy Rudy“. It is so good to be home, where everybody knows my name!


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