Time to breach, and breech and breach again!

Last night, I played in the waters of Ojo Caliente Hot Springs. I was there with friend and collaborative musician Heidi Svoboda, and had the unquenchable desire to breach. I watched a whale once in Maui for nearly an hour breech time and time again. The guide driving our small boat said that they do it for the fun of it. This must have been what hit me: if the living libraries of the Earth can do this just for fun, it’s time for ME to have some fun! So, I launched out of the small pool we were sitting in, as I as I could go, and belly flopped. It was so exhilerating, I couldn’t resist doing it again after apologizing to the other couple in the pool, both of whom had smiles on their faces. Bless their hearts: “if you need to breech, go for it!” they said. so I breached, and did it again. When the pool was empty, I thrust out of the water and twisted, re-entering on my back. I was a whale. I was my spirit animal of the East: the animal of my primary direction. I understood his joy, his need to feel the air, just as my need to feel the water. We laughed, and breached again. The water spirits were laughing too as the water danced in our wake. There was a purity of experience unlike many I have experienced. We left with so much gratitude for water, and the mischievousness it infected us with. We were alive and we breeched!


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