Pale green haze

For months there has been nothing but dormancy, decay and death at Harmony Farm. But the approaching equinox has changed all that. After preparing a site for a ceremony tonight (my first with others), I traveled the property collecting bits of soil and horse poop to seed new soil for my garden. I pushed a wheelbarrow through about half the woods gathering a puck here, and a pile there, so that my garden can have bits from all over: the best the property has for the garden. I’ve seen green sprouting on the edge of the trees below the house, but for the first time found myself walking amongst it.


It became evident that life had begun again, in ernest.

I happened onto another place that I am getting to know intimately, and happened upon these little beauties.


They are either lilies of some kind, or blue-eyed grass. If anyone out there knows, i’m happy to have the label, but for now, I’m just going to call them the first fairies. I’m apparently not the first to enjoy them, as it appears that someone has taken a few bites already! This one special spot is the only place that I saw them, so whatever energies are at work there, it is potent and already engaged!

Then, up on the grassy hill, I almost stepped on this little guy.


We looked at each other for a while and I thanked him for showing me the infinity sign with his body, and reminding me that i am only a small part of something much bigger, and that death and life are the same ends of a single circle!

For now, i’m enjoying the end that’s bringing in this pale green haze, that will soon explode into heart-opening green!


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