It was beyond gorgeous today at Harmony Farm and so we played in the woods. I took my rake, and cleaned some spots that need attention, but more on those spots later. Waaaay later! For now, suffice it to say that everyone that comes here finds a special something for themselves. I’ve come to think of this place as a living library that has a special section of information for each person who comes. There is something unique for everyone. Today was the first day where I spent time in spots that I have wanted to meditate for a while. I cleaned them up a bit (don’t worry…i’m not going to rake all 70 acres…) and spent time laying in the leaves in the center of a what i’ve come to know as the seat of feminine energy (perhaps even “power”). I have other names which aren’t really appropriate to share in public! This seat of power though, is a place where two creeks come together and the energy is palpable. Some day I may talk more about that, but not right now. A visiting friend made a beautiful mandala in the place that she felt a special energy, and so the first offerings to the earth were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. The mandala is beautiful, and the wire flowers dotting the surrounding trees are magical!


2 thoughts on “Mandalas

  1. Since your post was called “Mandalas,” and I saw the pictures before I read the text, I assumed the wires coming out of the tree were a three-dimensional, kind of wild and wacky mandala! I love them both. Beautiful to connect with the land and the elements in this creative way.

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