It was beyond gorgeous today at Harmony Farm and so we played in the woods. I took my rake, and cleaned some spots that need attention, but more on those spots later. Waaaay later! For now, suffice it to say that everyone that comes here finds a special something for themselves. I’ve come to think of this place as a living library that has a special section of information for each person who comes. There is something unique for everyone. Today was the first day where I spent time in spots that I have wanted to meditate for a while. I cleaned them up a bit (don’t worry…i’m not going to rake all 70 acres…) and spent time laying in the leaves in the center of a what i’ve come to know as the seat of feminine energy (perhaps even “power”). I have other names which aren’t really appropriate to share in public! This seat of power though, is a place where two creeks come together and the energy is palpable. Some day I may talk more about that, but not right now. A visiting friend made a beautiful mandala in the place that she felt a special energy, and so the first offerings to the earth were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. The mandala is beautiful, and the wire flowers dotting the surrounding trees are magical!


Cold and cozy with small factoid?

It’s supposed to be 4 degrees tonight in Perry, the closest town to Harmony Farm (about 4 miles away and about 3,000 people). It’s strange to have such cold temperatures and ground that is not frozen! But at least were getting a little winter this winter!

When I got back from my usual walk around the property at sunset, (I haven’t missed a day since I bought the place), Abie, the tenant living downstairs invited me to have dinner. She and Dave (the previous owner) are living downstairs untll they get their place up near Oskaloosa ready. They have 9 acres and are getting the house ready to move into, just like i’ve been getting the upstairs ready. So, I enjoyed dinner with them downstairs where it is toasty. They keep a wood fire burning which I definitely benefit from. The furnace hardly ever runs upstairs, and it’s nice to know that no matter how cold it gets, i won’t have any frozen pipes!

They have 5 dogs and their entertainment during dinner and afterwards was really comical. Bob, the newest addition is 70 lbs. at about 6 months. He’s an English Mastiff. He’ll be a horse some day! He’s big, goofy, clumsy and very playful! His youthful energy is contagious!

The most unusual thing i’ve ever seen was when Abie showed me the diapers that their littlest one wears to bed. I’ve never seen such small diapers! “What about the tail” I ask? No problem…just cut a hole and presto! Perfect doggie diaper so that everyone can sleep with peace of mind! Abie and Dave love animals and even rescued one from the place they bought up north.

It was nice to share food with them, and I enjoyed getting to know them a bit more.

Oh, and I found out that just south of here is the shortest highway in the world: Kansas Hwy 76 to Williamstown, (I thought this was just a couple of houses by the road…but it’s actually a town!) looks like it’s less than a 1/2 mile long on the map, but deosn’t even qualify for the color yellow! I wasn’t able to verify this, but according to google, the shortest highway in the world is Chandler Highway in Melbourn. At just under 2 kilometers, I’d say Hwy 76 is a clear contender!

Finished edge

A finished edge is a momentary completion to be sure, but a completion non-the-less. It is new until the minute I step over it, and then it becomes used and begins to wear. Many of my edges find their shapes, their boundaries, and then in the wink of an eye, begin to shift and remold into new ones. Such is life on this ever changing planet. Image

Painting diffuse light…

It’s cloudy and rainy out at Harmony Farm. Really the first time i’ve been out here in rain. I can feel the ground drinking it in, especially the other morning when the thunder woke me. There was a sigh of relief as Mother Earth got a drink. A fairly big drink! In this diffuse lighting, the colors are always so rich. Even the brown oak leaves that are still on the trees are my favorite color of rust.

It is a beautiful metaphor. How we see things, and their properties is so much about light, not only external light, but internal light. It is about OUR light. The brighter we are, the more light there is to go around and all of a sudden, everything around looks richer and deeper and larger than life.