Sticks and stones

Medicine Wheel

I have seen you in my inner eye since when first I walked this land.

sacred power gathering: medicine, information, healing

what energies lurk

Tree in collusion with Stone…

Hawk too, all in karmic contract.

Wheel of sacred meditation space

…Energy-Smith, where Earth and Heaven kiss to create Holy space.

Sticks and Stones, may heal my bones…and words, have power to unhurt me!

There is no shortage of rocks at Harmony Farm to make a Medicine Wheel. I have two simultaneous ongoing questions: where should it go, and what stones should be used? I’m still waiting for an answer to the first question, but think I have found some clues to what stones want to be used. I have encountered three rocks, each assisted out of the ground in the dying efforts of trees. A parting shot, a perfect collusion…a karmic contract where it is not just the trees that anchor in the Earth while reaching to the Stars. In this, the stones aspire too!

How I will move them is also an open question, but I am sure it has something to do with dreaming…

Triangle Rock

Epitaph Stone

Arrow Rock


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