First night with a lover

The first night with a lover is not oft forgotten. It is complex, sweet, turbulent, and full of so much sensory information that it becomes etched into cellular memory. Its vibration, its energy, is unique and unforgettable. It is a river that flows into an ocean, and when it is right, it is right: a hugeness made of infinitely small details… electric. And this first night with Harmony Farm proved no exception.

I slept on an air mattress in my sleeping bag. I had painted all day.  In the guest bedroom, I invited the Spirit of the East with a “Sunflower Yellow” on the east-facing wall (and rolled out my roller with a huge sunflower in the closet!), and in the office, an offering to the Spirit of the South with a  “Merlot” red on the south-facing wall. The previous week i had painted the west wall of the master bedroom black, for the Spirit of the West. And so I began the night with my head pointed towards the West. It was turbulent, so at 4:30, I switched and put my head to the East, and feet to the West. I dreamt. Lots of dreams, and at one point, heard voices in the wind. It sounded like two guys walking right up the steps outside my window talking to each other.

Even though I am moving West from where I currently live, this move is all about the East and a new sunrise, so it came as no surprise that I should be oriented this way when I sleep.

In the morning, I awoke to this:

After laying there for a while marveling, I ate some granola and had a coffee, and went for my first morning walk on Harmony Farm.

And she is as beautiful to me the morning after as the night before.

On the way out at the end of the afternoon, I see my neighbor (whose yard is full of kountry art, but that’s another blog), and so I stop. Jerry and his girlfriend Jessica are real nice folks. We talk about what we do, and a bit about who we are. She talks about loving having this place to come out to where they can putter around the yard, build things (really…i’ll have to show you this yard art…), and says: “hell, you can run around naked out here. “I’m lookin’ forward to that,” I say, and quickly clarify that I’m looking forward to ME runnin around naked, not watching her run around naked. We get a good laugh out of that one. He tells me his age (57), and looks at Jessica, and she says “don’t you tell him”. And I say “your 57 Jerry, and she’s younger!” thinking i’ve saved the situation, and she says, “nope, i’m older, but older women make better lovers!”

I think we both blush, her maybe because she’s surprised she said it, and me, because the first night with my new lover Harmony farm is still fresh in every fiber of my body.


7 thoughts on “First night with a lover

  1. How exciting that you’ve moved in! And I too love that you are painting the walls the colors of the 4 directions. (You are inspiring me too, as I’m just about to start a painting project: my MoonScribe Studios creative space and my MoonLoft sleeping/dreaming space will soon be a delicious shade of pale lavendar, to correspond with the Third Eye, using a paint I bought in Santa Fe made of EARTH.) XOX

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