Steep learning curve…

Hi all,

Well, the steep learning curve is under way. Moving from the city to the country comes with lots of learning, but more importantly with a complete retrofit of how I think. Part of learning harmony in music, is to know how what you are doing, fits with everything around it. In this case, it is looking at how I think, how I approach things, and seeing how that resonates with other folks around me. So, Harmony lesson no. 2: (I may not have talked about lesson no. 1, either because I have already forgotten it, or it is NOT for public consumption…) when asked a question give some time before the answer, and don’t just go completely down the “road of first thoughts.”

If I don’t understand a situation, question, occurence…the recipe for finding flow and understanding singularly simple:









(which can come in the form of a thought, an occurrence, a feeling, the wind, an animal, etc.)

(OK, I guess that’s four things not just a singularity…)

This particular situation involves cows. They tend to be in harmony with their surroundings. If there is no grass where they are standing, they move to where there is grass…when they are thirsty, they go where they think there is water.

Cows live everywhere

In the most beautiful spots

Do they know their wealth?


One thought on “Steep learning curve…

  1. Paul what a great post. I have to laugh a bit though. I grew up on a sheep ranch in north central Wyoming. My husband is a city guy. We had to learn in our marriage an important difference in how we communicate. I do the “wait” approach you describe in your post. He does the “road of first thoughts”. So I generally start with my final answer/thought and he starts with an exploration.

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