Global warming

HARMONY organizes chaos

fragments align into COMPLETENESS

PERMISSION warms guilt

confusion yields to UNDERSTANDING

EMPATHY dissolves antagonism

EMPOWERMENT transmutes tyranny

DIALOGUE relaxes demands

antagonism diminuendos towards ILLUMINATION

COMPASSION melts anger

GRACE thaws blame

REASON defrosts vengeance

complacency boils into CONSCIOUSNESS

TRANSCENDENCE eases competition

suspicion softens into TRUST

MERCY tempers judgment

PEACE diffuses aggression

FORGIVENESS disintegrates hate

cruelty dehydrates into REVERENCE

RELEASE disperses resistance

COURAGE smelts apathy

struggle simmers into SERENITY

AFFIRMATION evaporates addiction

shame liquefies into SELF-ESTEEM

ACCEPTANCE vaporizes anxiety

misery stews into JOY

WILLINGNESS loosens regret

limitations cook into INSPIRATION

knowledge condenses into WISDOM

grief explodes into BLISS

fear evanesces into LOVE


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