Harmony is required

is a phrase from a video I was watching about the shift that is happening in humanity on Earth at this time.

Harmony is required to follow my soul path. You will find it on yours too.

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook this evening. Her son had broken his thumb, and we talked about doing energy work to thwart surgery that the doctors want to do. She asked me to find the note that she could insert into her formula of Bodytalk Healing. Our chat moved on to other important things like who cuts your hair and what did you have for dinner, or how long are your fingernails… About 5 minutes later, I was listening to a piece of music (yes…while chatting…) and my attention was drawn to a tone. It was a G. So I typed in the FB instant message box “try G” and hit send. A split second later, a message came back from her saying “so what frequency (music) note……. comes to you right now?” My answer had totally anticipated her question by about 500 milliseconds. In addition to thinking Holy Guacamole, I need to audition for Jeoprody…I suddenly realized that our higher selves were in collusion and conspiring way over our heads.

So, being pretty handy with sound, I made her a G. I put healing intentions in it: I invited the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels, and finally asked all of our higher selves to enter this recording for the healing of her son’s thumb. This is my 1/2/2012 G. Perhaps there is healing in it for you.

Harmony is required. So, here is a note you can harmonize. Go ahead…sing along! You have nothing to loose, but everything to gain from your own healing voice.

The importance of harmony is manyfold, but one thing stands out: it takes more than one person, creature or thing, to make or be in harmony. It implies a community working together: in synch for the benefit of all. From thesarus.com:

accordaffinity, amicability, amity, compatibility, concordconsensusconsistencycooperationcorrespondence, empathyfriendship, good will, kinship, like-mindedness, meeting of minds, peacerapporttranquility, unanimity, understandingunity

Harmony is required, and all of us can make it. Make your own G or find your own note, and sing it. Harmony will spread into a global chorus. And before we know it. Shift happens.

Harmony is required.


2 thoughts on “Harmony is required

  1. Very cool blog.

    A friend of mine had a near death experience. In it she traveled through the heavens and got to watch the creation of some of the galaxies. She heard a pitch resonating, and that pitch alone created a planet. When she came back to earth, she identified that pitch as Bb. FASCINATING! It’s awesome to recognize the strength and importance of a SINGLE PITCH! We really are in a blessed field in music, creating, perhaps, healing of our earth.

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