In the eye of this horse

I am but a speck.

From the eye of hawk, barely a blip. (still I don’t mind that you stalk!)

And what a welcome, in the eye of this horse.

You know me? Have you waited long?

But what is long when I am finally home!

A snake,


…a serpent of Medusa hair dews slithers your belly…

and a spine runs your bare back.

You are feminine,

and you are manly… low and high… yin with a yang,  straight with curves.

You are trees and grass, birds and bees, wind and rain, stone and fire…

from a Kansas coda.

You are heart, you are soul, you are Mother, and palate for Father.

You are 7 directions curious… and I,

a child.

In the eye of this horse…

Horse eye self portrait

2 thoughts on “In the eye of this horse

  1. My favorite so far! Love your photo. Harmony is the second level in the horse program I am involved in and the level I am presently working on. Thanks for the inspiration. Peace!

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