Sticks and stones

Medicine Wheel

I have seen you in my inner eye since when first I walked this land.

sacred power gathering: medicine, information, healing

what energies lurk

Tree in collusion with Stone…

Hawk too, all in karmic contract.

Wheel of sacred meditation space

…Energy-Smith, where Earth and Heaven kiss to create Holy space.

Sticks and Stones, may heal my bones…and words, have power to unhurt me!

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Organizing life…Life organizing or “fun with numbers”

I’m not a mathematician. In fact, the last math class i took, was as a high school sophomore in 1977: the year after the Colorado Centennial. I don’t know how I got out of math in college, but here I am. And fortunately, I have a calculator. But recently, I have discovered that, like in music where there are only 12 notes, in numerology, there are only 9 numbers. So, I can pretty much deal with that!

A few weeks ago, when I was driving out to Harmony Farm, my odometer trip meter hit 222 miles at mile marker 222 along I-70 East of Kansas City. Lately I have been noticing a lot of these kinds of numerological synchronicities.

On friday the 13th while heading on my way out for my first night with Harmony Farm, my trip meter hit 33.3 miles at mile marker 222…I seem to be in synch with that mile marker!

Earlier that morning when I was shopping at Home Depot the total when I checked out was $422.70…

In numerology 11 and 22 are considered “Master Numbers”. When you add all the digits together for any number, you reduce them to the lowest number between 1 and 9. Any multiple of 11 will come out the same in this addition (so you don’t reduce them), which is why they are special. You can check out Cafe Astrologer and find instructions for figuring out your numerology based on your name or birthdate. You can also find out what the energy of your current year is, and what they all might mean. As usual, these things are subject to your own interpretation, not some Universal law that applies to everyone.

From Cafe Astrologer

11 is the giver: an innovator with an unmistakable streak of humanitarianism.

22 is the master builder. Although Number Twenty-twos are idealists and visionaries, they still manage to keep their feet on the ground.

Some consider 33 to be the number of the Christ Consciousness, but it is not standard in numerology handed down through the ages.

So for my Home Depot tally of $422.70, I had an 11 (4+7), a 22 (that’s obvious) and a total of 33 (4+22+7). These occurrences are commonplace any more.

Later that day, I was talking on skype with a friend, taking a break from painting. When we finished our conversation and hung up, the blinking time on the clock radio sitting by the computer was 2:22. Then I noticed that we had talked for 22′ and 7 ” (an 11…).

These are nothing more than observations. What I do with the information is my choice. I don’t organize my life around these kinds of numerological sychrnoicities but, if I pay attention to what is going on around me, I often find that they are affirmations of how my life is organizing itself around me. I often reflect on what is happening, or what I am feeling or doing when I see one of these, and it can be helpful information to affirm something. Mostly, they are fun to notice, but more and more they are significant in confirming that I am in the flow of life, and that I am riding the river rather than trying to push it.

So, when I awoke that morning for the first time with my new love, Harmony Farm, and saw the pattern of light coming through the windows of the bedroom onto the black wall, I was not surprised.

The 11 is obvious. But for some reason, there is a curvature on each window pattern that makes a 33. Oh, and the 33’s also look like B’s. And B is a 2, so there’s a 22 also. “This love with Harmony Farm is a match made in Heaven,” I think to myself, and the Universe seems to agree.

First night with a lover

The first night with a lover is not oft forgotten. It is complex, sweet, turbulent, and full of so much sensory information that it becomes etched into cellular memory. Its vibration, its energy, is unique and unforgettable. It is a river that flows into an ocean, and when it is right, it is right: a hugeness made of infinitely small details… electric. And this first night with Harmony Farm proved no exception.

I slept on an air mattress in my sleeping bag. I had painted all day.  In the guest bedroom, I invited the Spirit of the East with a “Sunflower Yellow” on the east-facing wall (and rolled out my roller with a huge sunflower in the closet!), and in the office, an offering to the Spirit of the South with a  “Merlot” red on the south-facing wall. The previous week i had painted the west wall of the master bedroom black, for the Spirit of the West. And so I began the night with my head pointed towards the West. It was turbulent, so at 4:30, I switched and put my head to the East, and feet to the West. I dreamt. Lots of dreams, and at one point, heard voices in the wind. It sounded like two guys walking right up the steps outside my window talking to each other.

Even though I am moving West from where I currently live, this move is all about the East and a new sunrise, so it came as no surprise that I should be oriented this way when I sleep.

In the morning, I awoke to this:

After laying there for a while marveling, I ate some granola and had a coffee, and went for my first morning walk on Harmony Farm.

And she is as beautiful to me the morning after as the night before.

On the way out at the end of the afternoon, I see my neighbor (whose yard is full of kountry art, but that’s another blog), and so I stop. Jerry and his girlfriend Jessica are real nice folks. We talk about what we do, and a bit about who we are. She talks about loving having this place to come out to where they can putter around the yard, build things (really…i’ll have to show you this yard art…), and says: “hell, you can run around naked out here. “I’m lookin’ forward to that,” I say, and quickly clarify that I’m looking forward to ME runnin around naked, not watching her run around naked. We get a good laugh out of that one. He tells me his age (57), and looks at Jessica, and she says “don’t you tell him”. And I say “your 57 Jerry, and she’s younger!” thinking i’ve saved the situation, and she says, “nope, i’m older, but older women make better lovers!”

I think we both blush, her maybe because she’s surprised she said it, and me, because the first night with my new lover Harmony farm is still fresh in every fiber of my body.

Steep learning curve…

Hi all,

Well, the steep learning curve is under way. Moving from the city to the country comes with lots of learning, but more importantly with a complete retrofit of how I think. Part of learning harmony in music, is to know how what you are doing, fits with everything around it. In this case, it is looking at how I think, how I approach things, and seeing how that resonates with other folks around me. So, Harmony lesson no. 2: (I may not have talked about lesson no. 1, either because I have already forgotten it, or it is NOT for public consumption…) when asked a question give some time before the answer, and don’t just go completely down the “road of first thoughts.”

If I don’t understand a situation, question, occurence…the recipe for finding flow and understanding singularly simple:









(which can come in the form of a thought, an occurrence, a feeling, the wind, an animal, etc.)

(OK, I guess that’s four things not just a singularity…)

This particular situation involves cows. They tend to be in harmony with their surroundings. If there is no grass where they are standing, they move to where there is grass…when they are thirsty, they go where they think there is water.

Cows live everywhere

In the most beautiful spots

Do they know their wealth?

Global warming

HARMONY organizes chaos

fragments align into COMPLETENESS

PERMISSION warms guilt

confusion yields to UNDERSTANDING

EMPATHY dissolves antagonism

EMPOWERMENT transmutes tyranny

DIALOGUE relaxes demands

antagonism diminuendos towards ILLUMINATION

COMPASSION melts anger

GRACE thaws blame

REASON defrosts vengeance

complacency boils into CONSCIOUSNESS

TRANSCENDENCE eases competition

suspicion softens into TRUST

MERCY tempers judgment

PEACE diffuses aggression

FORGIVENESS disintegrates hate

cruelty dehydrates into REVERENCE

RELEASE disperses resistance

COURAGE smelts apathy

struggle simmers into SERENITY

AFFIRMATION evaporates addiction

shame liquefies into SELF-ESTEEM

ACCEPTANCE vaporizes anxiety

misery stews into JOY

WILLINGNESS loosens regret

limitations cook into INSPIRATION

knowledge condenses into WISDOM

grief explodes into BLISS

fear evanesces into LOVE

Harmony is required

is a phrase from a video I was watching about the shift that is happening in humanity on Earth at this time.

Harmony is required to follow my soul path. You will find it on yours too.

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook this evening. Her son had broken his thumb, and we talked about doing energy work to thwart surgery that the doctors want to do. She asked me to find the note that she could insert into her formula of Bodytalk Healing. Our chat moved on to other important things like who cuts your hair and what did you have for dinner, or how long are your fingernails… About 5 minutes later, I was listening to a piece of music (yes…while chatting…) and my attention was drawn to a tone. It was a G. So I typed in the FB instant message box “try G” and hit send. A split second later, a message came back from her saying “so what frequency (music) note……. comes to you right now?” My answer had totally anticipated her question by about 500 milliseconds. In addition to thinking Holy Guacamole, I need to audition for Jeoprody…I suddenly realized that our higher selves were in collusion and conspiring way over our heads.

So, being pretty handy with sound, I made her a G. I put healing intentions in it: I invited the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels, and finally asked all of our higher selves to enter this recording for the healing of her son’s thumb. This is my 1/2/2012 G. Perhaps there is healing in it for you.

Harmony is required. So, here is a note you can harmonize. Go ahead…sing along! You have nothing to loose, but everything to gain from your own healing voice.

The importance of harmony is manyfold, but one thing stands out: it takes more than one person, creature or thing, to make or be in harmony. It implies a community working together: in synch for the benefit of all. From

accordaffinity, amicability, amity, compatibility, concordconsensusconsistencycooperationcorrespondence, empathyfriendship, good will, kinship, like-mindedness, meeting of minds, peacerapporttranquility, unanimity, understandingunity

Harmony is required, and all of us can make it. Make your own G or find your own note, and sing it. Harmony will spread into a global chorus. And before we know it. Shift happens.

Harmony is required.

Cultivating harmony

is one of my mantras for 2012. No time like the present, just after the turn of the clock to get going. Farming Harmony Blog is a work in progress. Since I have no idea what I’m doing…just like owning 70 acres in the country, I’m going to make it up as I go. There’s really no other way for a born improviser to live, really.  2012 is a year for steppin’ out & coming home. It’s already off to a wonderful start.

Wait…now how does this thingamablog work…